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Introducing our Interior Designer, Ed Klein

Lanera Decorating Showroom

Introducing our Interior Designer, Ed Klein

by LaneraDecorating |March 29, 2018 | Lanera Showroom

Lanera Decorating is welcoming the newest Interior Designer to our team, Ed Klein! Over the past 35+ years Klein has worked in all aspects of Interior Design. Come visit the Lanera Decorating showroom, newly designed by Klein and see first hand the talent he has brought to our company.


Klein received a B.A. from New York University and moved on to the Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, NY where he achieved his Masters Degree in Industrial Design.


His professional career began in 1982 when he founded Edward Klein & Associates, where he acted as Founder/President. Throughout the next 14 years Klein grew the company from the ground up. He established a residential interior design firm that catered to high end clientele. As President, Klein oversaw all daily operations including purchasing, client relationships and vendor relationships. Not only did he handle the operations of the business, but he was able to utilize his interior design creativity and skill when designing furniture and room layouts for different room types.

In 1996, during his time at Edward Klein & Associates, Klein began work at Bloomingdale’s, in White Plains, NY, as the Director of Interior Design Studio. During his time at Bloomingdale’s Klein was able to expand his knowledge of interior design by working on many different commercial and residential projects. Some projects forced Ed to expand his knowledge base, such as partnering with the Architects and Contractors regarding design and layout of the buildings for both commercial and residential projects.

Back to Design

Klein was able to get back to his roots when he was given full range of design including furniture selection and placement, window treatments, bathroom design, kitchen design, etc. His portfolio of work was vast, since in addition to design responsibilities, Klein was also responsible for merchandising the furniture floor. This included laying out the furniture and accessories to provide visualization to customers, achieving monthly and yearly sales goals, and managing a staff consisting of junior designers and clerical personnel.

It was in 2009 that Klein left Bloomingdale’s and started Ed Klein Interiors. Very similar to Edward Klein & Associates, Klein acts as Founder/President and oversees all operations of the business and still does to this day.

Lanera Decorating was thrilled to hear that Ed Klein would be joining our team in 2017 to oversee and grow our Interior Design business. Klein had an instant impact when he redesigned the Lanera Decorating Showroom, which can be viewed in person when you visit our showroom!

Ed Klein’s professional Interior Design experience and education is exactly what Lanera Decorating needs at the helm of our new Interior Design division.


Visit the Lanera Decorating Showroom and see Ed Klein’s design for yourself! Located at 801 E. Boston Post Rd. Mamaroneck, NY 10543.


Lanera Decorating Showroom

Lanera Decorating Showroom (1)

Lanera Decorating Showroom

Lanera Decorating Showroom (2)

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