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Window Treatments

window shutters

Different Types of Window Treatments

by LaneraDecorating |May 24, 2016 |84 Comments | Window Treatments

Window treatments can make a room look complete. They can also help to adjust lighting and maintain the room temperature. There are a number of window treatments available.

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Window Treatment Ideas for Kitchens

by LaneraDecorating |July 3, 2015 |45 Comments | Window Treatments

Modern kitchens are often the central gathering place in homes. It is an area where families socialize and spend time together. So for this reason it is important that the room looks good at all times. Having the right type of kitchen window treatment is an important part of achieving the kitchen look you desire.

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bathroom design

Ideas for Bathroom Window Treatments

by LaneraDecorating |July 3, 2015 |96 Comments | Window Treatments

Bathroom window treatments play an important role in bringing out the glamour and beauty of a bathroom. Good bathroom window treatments give a feeling of luxury and provide the necessary functionality.

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Window Treatment Ideas

by LaneraDecorating |July 3, 2015 |74 Comments | Window Treatments

Window treatment ideas can be fascinating and sometimes hectic due to the many varieties of choices available to design a window. Windows play an important role when it comes to an aesthetic house design. When working with the design treatment for window, it is necessary to keep in mind the functionality of the window is not interfered with. The window treatment should complement the room and bring in positive energy and vibes.

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